Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

Manhattan Prep
Edition: Fourth
Manhattan Prep Publishing
ISBN10: 1937707911
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Manhattan Prep Guides, 4th Edition, books # 1-8. All books are unmarked and in pristine condition. The online accounts for the Manhattan Prep Guides have not been used and are still available for registration and use by a purchaser.Original purchase price: $150+. Will sell for $110. User Recommendation:The Manhattan Prep Guides are an excellent choice for GRE prep. Each chapter ends with a practice quiz, there are 3-5 skill-building drill sets at the end of each book, and three practice tests (easy, medium, hard). The medium and hard tests were very similar to questions on the actual GRE. All quizzes and tests come with detailed answers and explanations to help you figure out what you did right/wrong. I found the sample questions to be closer to questions on the GRE than some other GRE prep materials (Kaplan, Barrons, Princeton). My math score tripled after using these books and my verbal score also improved significantly. I would highly recommend these! Pick-up in Vancouver strongly preferred.